MDC Kendall Campus Environmental Center`s

Through its construction initiatives, MDC is helping build a greener future. Already, three of our newest structures have won acclaim and awards for their innovation and environmentally friendly design:

  • Picture of the Visitor Pavilion

    Environmental Center's Visitor Pavilion

    At Kendall Campus, the Environmental Center's Visitor Pavilion provides a perfect introduction to the campus' nine-acre preserve. Featuring a completely "off-the-grid" design, the Platinum LEED-certified Pavilion showcases solar panels and rainwater collection in a "living classroom" that welcomes more than 10,000 visitors a year.

  • Photo of the Culinary Institute building at Wolfson Campus

    Wolfson Campus' Miami Culinary Institute

    Wolfson Campus' Miami Culinary Institute is an eight-story architectural and engineering achievement that embodies the seed-to-soil philosophy upon which the program is built. Featuring a community garden and an exceptionally low carbon footprint, the structure is currently tracking Gold LEED certification.

  • Photo of the Academic Support Center at Kendall Campus

    Academic Support Center at Kendall Campus

    The open glass-and-steel design of the Academic Support Center at Kendall Campus allows ample natural light into the five-story structure, reducing energy costs and helping it earn a Gold LEED certification. The building also employs a state-of-the-art chiller plant and HVAC system.

Looking toward the future, the College requests that all new structures be designed to at least a Silver LEED certification, affirming the institution's commitment to sustainable building practices.